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Token name

The PEOPLE’s money

Ticker Tpm.

Supply 111,111,111,111,111 t

POLYGON network




THE PEOPLE’s MONEY/tpm Token..

15% presales

10% community rewards

5% tpm team

5% developers

40% liquidity

10% dex

10% cex

4% to the future of TPM

1% to members or and subscribers


Stage 1 Smart Contract Development:Secure and audited smart contract for TPM token to ensure transparency and trust. Community Building:Telegram, Discord, TikTok - Get ready for the hype train with a strong and engaged TPM community. Branding ...

Stage 2. Presale stage 1 begins Total of 2 stages to presale Each presale the time will get shorter and price of coin will get higher..

Stage 3 Presale stage 2 begins Partnerships:Collaborate with meme creators, influencers, and content platforms...

Stage 4  Community:Unlock exclusive benefits in the Tpm gated community. Early updates, exclusive content, and interactive experiences await you! Market Cap Goal:Aim high, aim for 1 billion market capitalization...

Stage 5 Token Launch: TPM token officially takes off. Get ready for liftoff! Token Listings:Launch TPM token on popular DEXs with ample liquidity and accessibility. Trade with ease. Exchange Listings:Level up our trading game with listings on cex. The full release of THE PEOPLES MONEY 


Stage 6 build a platform for staking rewards/burns/etc. more rewards other info will be updated after stage 4 


How this works

llc business THE PEOPLEs MONEY 

Nonprofit organization owned and ran by 


38% to TPM operations
50% goes to our cause
5% to homeless children
5% to the future of the peoples money
2% to our discord members



Roadmap for Preventing Veteran Homelessness:

A Comprehensive Approach by THE PEOPLE’s MONEY 


Phase 1: Foundation and Preparation

1. Conduct Research and Needs Assessment
• Gather data on veteran homelessness and its causes
• Identify geographical areas with the highest concentration of homeless veterans
2. Establish Partnerships and Collaborations
• Forge relationships with government agencies, nonprofits, and local organizations
• Collaborate to leverage resources, expertise, and support networks
3. Formulate the Master Plan
• Refine and finalize the comprehensive master plan for preventing veteran homelessness
• Incorporate insights from research, partnerships, and expert consultations

Phase 2: Implementation and Execution

1. Financial Resource Allocation
• Allocate funds strategically according to the priorities outlined in the master plan
• Invest in housing solutions, employment programs, healthcare access, and support services
2. Housing Solutions
• Develop and implement housing programs tailored to the needs of homeless veterans
• Explore options such as transitional housing, supportive housing, and affordable housing initiatives
3. Employment and Training Programs
• Establish vocational training programs to equip veterans with marketable skills
• Collaborate with employers to create job placement opportunities and support veteran entrepreneurship
4. Healthcare Access and Mental Health Support
• Facilitate access to healthcare services, including physical and mental health support
• Partner with healthcare providers and mental health organizations to ensure comprehensive care
5. Community Outreach and Awareness
• Launch awareness campaigns to educate the public about veteran homelessness
• Engage with local communities, schools, and civic organizations to foster understanding and support


Phase 3: Evaluation and Expansion

1. Monitor and Evaluate Impact
• Establish performance metrics and data collection systems
• Regularly evaluate the effectiveness and impact of initiatives to inform improvements
2. Adapt and Innovate
• Stay abreast of emerging best practices and innovative solutions in preventing veteran homelessness
• Continuously adapt and refine strategies based on feedback and evaluation results
3. Scale-Up and Replication
• Identify successful models and initiatives within the master plan for replication
• Expand geographical reach and increase the number of veterans served
4. Long-Term Sustainability
• Develop sustainable funding strategies through partnerships, grants, and fundraising efforts
• Secure long-term commitment from stakeholders and investors to ensure continuity and growth


Stages start once the llc is finalized.

There are four tasks to complete in the peoples money infrastructure, and inside each task there are so many stages

Stage 1 ☝️ raise 150k
Grow our community on millions of sites ,apps and ads, create a shirt to represent our cause. create a crypto token

Stage 2. Rasie 500k completey start the clothing brand of our cause Location picked for the beginning stages of the veterans program. Blueprints process has begun.

Stage 3 Raise 1.5M
Brand is complete.
Blue prints are complete.
The beginning of picking the first location to find all homeless veterans and homeless people.

Stage 4. Rasie 3.5M
All prints are out to the public everywhere.
The locations to all steps are picked and the beginning of the people’s money infrastructure starts to come in to play.
The building and all contracts are under review.

Stage 5. Rasie 5.2M
The first stage of the people’s money infrastructure is released to the public.
All contracts are completed
And the building begins.

Stage 6. Rasie 7.5M
New brands, more contracts under review building process is almost completed.

Stage 7. Rasie 10M
This will be updated and released once stage four is completed ☑️